Since 1997 Suzanne and I have been actively offering workshops and initializations in Spiritual Surgery a wonderfully simple ‘hands on healing’ modality that literally anyone can do with very little formal training.

We have been able to introduce people to their spiritual surgeons and encourage them to use their new ability to assist others. There are many people now practising this modality in New Zealand, Australia, Canada, USA, Europe and Mexico.

As we have progressed in this work we have been experiencing some different messages from the Spiritual Surgeons concerning their interest in us. It would appear as if the original basic healing modality is evolving to something of much greater personal benefit and we are compelled to share it with our friends.

What we have both felt is a change from the 'surgeons' wanting to predominantly 'heal' people to really being interested in mentoring the person they are aligned with, assisting in their spiritual growth. We thought this was a by-product out of gratitude to the one ‘in body’. Then we both started to realize that there was more going on. We had begun to sense that perhaps the ‘Spiritual Surgeons’ needed us as much as we need them.

It is has become apparent that the 'hands on healing concept’ is a selection process attracting those who, in compassion are drawn towards healing others.

Recently, I received a very strong message from my surgeon - an Atlantian Lightbeing called Zahn. I channeled to Suzanne that we were being asked to do everything in our power to encourage others (healers) to seriously interact, both working with the surgeons once they had been introduced and if the 'healers' were able to extend the introduction process themselves once they felt they understood the working parameters of the service, to do so.

We were told that the common denominator of Spiritual Surgeons is that they for the most part are personalities who died with compassion in their hearts yet while experiencing a sense of being unfulfilled. Because of these two factors they were given the choice to remain connected to this reality and interact when aligned with a compatible physical healer.

It was explained that to be here on Earth was a significant privilege. Other Universal realities of exploration are mild compared to this Earth density. Here spiritual growth is extremely challenging and usually slow due to the intense and obsessive focus on the physical body. The level of distraction through the two polarities of bodily pleasure and pain and where fear is freely able to be chosen instead of Love makes ‘graduation/ascension’ very difficult. It is a hard school for masters. Yet the soul benefit is also great. To attain ‘ascension’ in while in physicality provides a Leap in Consciousness unparalleled in the Universe. We are to understand that when we leave this physical reality we are not necessarily allowed back for another chance.

There are many souls seeking this experiential opportunity. 

It was also made clear that this ‘ascension’ takes place in the body, in awakening consciousness when the physical realm no longer limits the imprisoned spirit from being who it is - a Christ. That is One who lives in a State of Being that is not of this world and yet, has through It's higher consciousness the ability to change and lift the consciousness of those around It.

As we know service is a fundamental universal key to spiritual growth. The group we have been introduced to as “Spiritual Surgeons’ have been offered a second chance, this time to 'piggy-back' a physical being who was awakening i.e. one who is willing to extend Compassion.

What this means is that there is a whole other dimension to Spiritual Surgery that we had not made aware of until now. It has infinitely more benefit to both parties than just healing the body something will die anyway in the end - it is truly about healing the soul.

The one 'out of body' has access to greater perspective, truth, wisdom, love and most importantly, does not have the bodily distraction of ego and assists the one who is beset by earthly difficulties. The physical experience becomes much easier if we take the time to participate with our newfound 'partner'.

Recognize this, we still have to make our transformation while in the body! No one is going to do it for us. It is not about leaving the body. We are not going anywhere. It is about freeing the soul into fullest expression while in physicality. Through having a mentor or partner ‘out of body’ we have been given a golden opportunity for both souls to make the leap together. It opens a new opportunity to communication and gaining internal guidance.

I cannot stress the degree of importance contained in this message. The Love that poured forth through me with this message was amazing and definitely left me convinced that it was genuine and not my 'imagination'.

If Suzanne or I have already introduced you to a partner you have made a commitment. There is an obligation on your part to start communicating and working together. If necessary converse with your friend, daily, hourly or every minute, I had to for some months before a connection was made. Just because you cannot perceive them does not mean they do not exist. Perhaps you can remember what it was like before we were told to let go of our embarrassing unseen childhood friends.

Ask them for help and guidance in your daily affairs. Pause to listen for advice. Start using your intuition. As we have shown above they have a vested interest in your spiritual growth.

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